Sunday, 11 December 2016

'Staff are quitting due to the toxic working environment' claims teacher at Croydon primary school Calling on the education Board to intervene! What does the Local Authority have to say to the future of our children?

Broadmead Primary Academy: Who suffers more? The children or the teachers? 

I would it is long over due for the Government to intervene the current situation of this school. Following continuous change of heads and lack of functional policies, Broadmead is gone from grace to grass. Parents are continuously requesting a change of school for their children  due to lack of motivation within the school system; a child would describe a day at Broadmead as "Long and Boring". How can this be a place for any child to reach their goals?

Yes a few parents have spoken up and yet the Reach 2 Academy has done nothing to set the standard of this school. Children are criticised by teachers and emotionally taunted during class activities yet nothing is done to change this. The level of learning can of course not not improve if teachers are not trained to take up their duty of care towards the pupils and if the Board does not listen to the parents and some good teachers they have.

It is a shame Broadmead already lost some good teachers and students. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BREAKING NEWS!!! Who is Dawood Ibrahim Khan for real: Pakistani news channel claims Donald Trump was born in Pakistan as Dawood Ibrahim Khan

Some unknown writers have recently published stories and graphic photos of a said Dawood Ibrahim Khan, to being Donald Trump. This story has however, been classified to be a hoax. There seems not to be any form of evidence towards the story so far and may be seen as method of sabotage and conspiracy against Donald Trump.

It has further been mentioned that the photo clip posted by the media is false and to be ignored.

Donald is surely an American and born in the US as far as history go. 

However, the culprits seem to be very sure and adamant and are requesting a 'DNA'; in their own words, "Donald Trump was born in a muslim family in Shawal Valley North Warziristan on the 4th of June 1946, original name was Dawood Ibrahim Khan, he studied in a Madrassa in South Waziristan. His parents were killed in an accident in 1954, Capt. Stockdale, a retired British Army officer brought him to England in 1955 and later a couple from Queens, NY by the name of Fred and Mary Trump adopted him and called him Donald. We should demand a Birth Certificate and his DNA.”

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

"I wonder if I run for PRESIDENT, will the haters and losers vote for me knowing that I will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? I say they will!"

Trump's "WONDER" comes true!!!

And today his wish finally comes true, despite the ignorance, arrogance and most racially construed statement. This still remains a "wonder", as he originally thought, even to the world. 

How America could accept hi as a President for the greatest Nation?

Please I ask, what are we missing?

Croydon tram derailment: Live updates after carriage overturns in south London leaving five people trapped and 40 injured

What a scary day at Sandilands Croydon

There has been a horrifying accident at Sandilands tram, where innocent lives are at risk. Five said to be either dead or trapped indefinitely and 40 injured. Police, firefighters and paramedics are at the scene after the tram overturned in a tunnel near Sandilands tram station in Croydon.

The whole town is locked up, fear, sadness and traffic on a standstill. This calls for emergency for all those lives the are traumatised and their families.

More news to come.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Can this be true? Ex Nollywood Murder Convict Ibinabo Fiberesima Returns, Outshines Colleagues At 76 Movie Premiere

Nollywood Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima 

What is the legal system for then? Can anyone be guilty of murder and the system let it go? I quite doubt that. It could be  that she was not guilty in the first place and may even be entitled to compensation by the state for wrongful arrest.

As the daily news Nigeria stated, she was a top Nollywood star and following an alleged murder charge, Ibinabo went into thin air and has only resurfaced the system with authority. 

Let us remember that Nigerian Legal System is not that open to mercy. I strongly believe there is more to the sudden release.

Full Story

Diet and more- still trending

The Health and Well being page / Avon cosmetic page are still on and alive.

Please keep clicking,


Want to boost your immune system? Just juice it!!

Dear Readers.

It is once again the season we all crave for. we all have been looking forward to not because of the weather I would say, but because of its special feeling. The celebration that follows and the merriment; all very exciting, but scary when the "FLU" steps in.

I have made a few identifications in my previous writings about various health vegetables and fruits. However, what we may not know is that these fruits and vegetable can be combined to derive amazing outcomes; health wise.

Did you know that Coriander is more than just a seasoning herb. Coriander enable easy digestion, anti-inflammatory, skin cleaning, abdominal discomfort, reduces colic, it is in fact very good for detoxing and improves liver function level.

Secondly, adding a bit of ginger and 3/4 length of a cucumber and  a bit of fresh lemon, gives this herb a super, irresistible strength to combat any skin infection, heart issues - due to reduced cholesterol; (reduces the LDL and raises the HDL cholesterol). Coriander increases iron level- so if you are pregnant, this could be a natural option.However, not everyone likes the taste- including me. But I got the secret tip for that, an apple or half an apple for myself, gives it that "wow" factor!!!

But remember you would be helping protect your family and yourself from a flu this season. Just juice it.

More healthy options coming soon.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Vicar-Rev Mark, son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey arrested over historic child sex abuse claims

The Archbishop of Canterbury with his son Rev Mark Carey

Still unsure how other people perceive the continual allegations around Priests and Reverends in sexual harassment and child sexual assaults. Considering the fact that these are respected personalities with power and responsibilities towards setting the standard of morals in the communities we live, yet disappointing the community and betraying the trust; for me, I would ask why do we need them? Church and worship should dwell in our hearts and not led or represented by another person whom we hardly know.

Rev. Mark, as known by all has been accused of child sexual abuse, said to have happened years back when he was a lot younger. Following this accusation, which is said to be historic abuse, he has now been suspended by church of England and being investigated.

Please parents, lets protect our children!

Brit found dead at Spanish airport had 'slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals in tuna can'

Crime is increasingly becoming a daily occurrence. This sort of news are no doubt calling for a stronger intervention for the police at every level.

The Mirror UK has today announced the bizarre death/ murder of Mr Allford- 51; whose body was found at the Malaga Airport- Spanish Airport in a rather strange way, with slices of ham on his buttocks and his genital in a can of tuna. 

It was also reported that his hands and feet were bound by a plastic and his trouser pulled down. The police is still investigating...

Read More

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Soludo says; 'let the debate begin'

Professor Chukwuma Soludo former governor and chairman of the board of directors of central bank of Nigeria has addressed on the actualization of Biafra as only a matter of time.

 'Let the debate begin' was and is the watch word and he emphasized quite a lot on Honourable Chudi Offodile’s book "the politics of Biafra and the history of Nigeria", Nnamdi Kalu’s (indigenous people of Biafra) false imprisonment by Mohamadu Buhari and a competitive federalism type of government. 

Nnamdi Kalu was arrested October 2015 and his imprisonment has been controversial round the whole world, as at now he seems to be the most popular political prisoner in prison. His illegal locking up has stared up a lot of talks including a Member of European Parliament (MEP) for the North West England Julie Ward, who spoke strongly and called upon her colleagues in the European parliament to support promotion of human right in Nigeria.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Local authorities are not doing enough to protect children from neglect, according to a report by Ofsted.

What a captivating heading you would think. Of course "doing enough to protect children from neglect" is what we are preaching; but my question is: where is this neglect most secretly construed? Now everyone may seem confused. The authorities are too fast to accuse parents of neglect whilst those who are seen as the righteous are, under the umbrella of giving care and safeguarding children, abusing these same vulnerable children emotionally and neglecting them.

If a child comes home and says to you; mum, dad, our miss told some kids that she does not care if they got the answers wrong or right as long as she still got her job and her bills are paid and her son is doing his A Level and her 4 yrs old knows English and Maths, that in fact she does not think that they (the children she is meant to be teaching ), would pass their SATS, what would you do?

From my definition of professional ethics, she is a failure to teaching profession, she is demoralising the children, making them lack in confidence, destroying their self-esteem, emotionally abusing them!!! this animal should then not be allowed around any child.

Failing to provide and protect for a child under your care is negligence of duty of care and a massive neglect in care. These could in time affect the development of the child or children.


Our children are the future, let us build a confident life for them now rather than kill their future..

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Obasonjo accuses Goodluck Jonathan; 'I warned Jonathan about recession, ‘reckless’ spending – Obasanjo

Yet again, Jonathan Goodluck is being accused by a former president of Nigeria; for not listening to the warning of recession. It is funny how these men who have being leading Nigeria from the military time through to the civil leadership, and have done not even a single thing to show their so-called expertise, can turn around and blame another person.

Goodluck did the best he could do considering the country he was given to or the country he met as a president during his time.

I personally feel disappointed at the level of ignorance being displayed by these men. 

  1. How many times did Obansanjo come to the UK to shake hands with the Queen during his regime?
  2. How many times did Obasanjo go to visit the US.
  3. Buhari has also been doing nothing and would never do any better. 
Let us face fact; Nigeria is not failing, it has failed and has being failing for a long time
Nigeria needs a young responsible person, qualified at every level to represent her. Nigeria has had a lot of old people dillydallying and making empty promises. We need change!!!

It is a shame that people play a blind eyes to their wrongful doing. This link shows a chart of unemployment rate during Buhari's regime as a head of state and Obasanjo's regime too (1990 to 2012).

Let's call a spade a spade. Take responsibility for your mistake as a leader and stop whining. 

Friday, 30 September 2016

Approved Artificial Pancreas’ Expected To Make Life Easier, Healthier For Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Some of the joys of invention in our life times that have given health sections and surgeons a wow! moment, I believe would include 'organ replacement'; the ability to give someone an active life without put another person in pain or causing that patient to think and wonder how their donor died, their cause of death. 

Artificial organ replacement is growing very fast. This Friday, 30th Sept 2016, CBS News New York announced a new device; "artificial pancreas". It has been tested on diabetes patients and has been approved by the Federal Regulating Body. Artificial Pancreas, which is said to be a wireless transmitter, has also the potential to give diabetic patients a fully potential life, possibly changing millions of lives. This artificial pancreas is programmed to transmit insulin through a wireless pump, releasing a precise amount of insulin to the body.

Dr Gomex explained that for most diabetics, this means this would mean the end of rigorous routine of  blood sugar check, monitoring food intake; "check the label"; and calculating insulin!

Another one of such inventions is the use of Pacemaker. We know, human body is best productive when all our organs are fully functional. The inability to achieve the full functions of body organ can lead to devastating ill health. However, some times, certain health conditions may also lead to the malfunction of an organ in the first place.

For instance, the heart condition may be affected by a persons heart beat rate being too slow or too fast, conditions known Bradycardia,Tachycardia and Cardiac arrest.

The Heart Foundation however, has long ago put in place a sort of electronic artificial solution, which has served as a reliable replacement and relieve from unpleasant pain suffered by patients with these heart conditions. 
Although seen as an artificial heart replacement, PACEMAKER is an electron that helps regulate the heart beat by transmitting pulses in time. It is a tiny match-box size electrical device. It prevents slow or fast heart beats and leaves the heart at a regular rate. It is a light weight; about 20-50g.

Surgery are not all bad, there is more good than harm. What do you think?

Saturday, 24 September 2016

8 people shot in the Baltimore

CBS Baltimore has reported a dreadful incident of public shooting which happened about 9 pm on the 24th of Sept 2016. The shooting which happened at Greenmounth Avenue and East Preston Street by the Greenmount Cemetary.

The police have said that eight people have been shot; including a father and his three year old. It also notified the public that three men on the run; who are suspected to be the shooters.

Investigations are still on and the three men are all equipped with weapons.

News from CBS

Inspiring young women and shaming Boko Haram

The Chibok girls exceed

Yet again, the unceasing strength to survive is revealed by the recent matriculation of four out of the twenty four Chibok girls who escaped the dangerous kidnap by Boko Haram. 

Since their escape, the girls have been given a opportunity to lead a life of hope and ambition. With an arrangement with American University Nigeria (AUN), the girls have been studying through a scholarship, giving them hope and life. 

AUN which is based in Yola Nigeria, has recently commenced its Law school with is focusing on Humanitarian, Gender and Environmental Law; and some of the Chibok girls have been accepted to study at the Law School.

The Times and Sunday Times recognises Royal Holloway as a top five London university

Royal Holloway has always been recognised as a top London university. Before now, Royal Holloway was the on the top seven London university; hard work from both staff and students has recently drawn Royal Holloway a recognition by The Times and Sunday Times, as a top five London university.

This academic excellence by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 considered the performance of the universities in recent National Student Survey(NSS) with regards to students feedback on their experience of university across a number of areas.

The rankings found Royal Holloway out-perform Russell Group universities, including Queen Mary, Liverpool and Cardiff. The ranking also mirrors Royal Holloway's performance in 2016 NSS; where Royal Holloway was named London's highest performing university for overall student satisfaction, for the second year running.

This news is due to be published 25th of Sept 2016 by the times. 

Satisfaction can only be derived from hard work.... Well done Royal Holloway students and tutors! 

We have achieved all these through hard work

The Times and Sunday Times recognises Royal Holloway as a top five London university

Royal Holloway has always been recognised as a top London university. Before now, Royal Holloway was the on the top seven London university; hard work from both staff and students has recently drawn Royal Holloway a recognition by The Times and Sunday Times, as a top five London university.

This academic excellence by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 considered the performance of the universities in recent National Student Survey(NSS) with regards to students feedback on their experience of university across a number of areas.

The rankings found Royal Holloway out-perform Russell Group universities, including Queen Mary, Liverpool and Cardiff. The ranking also mirrors Royal Holloway's performance in 2016 NSS; where Royal Holloway was named London's highest performing university for overall student satisfaction, for the second year running.

This news is due to be published 25th of Sept 2016 by the times. 

Satisfaction can only be derived from hard work.... Well done Royal Holloway students and tutors! 

We have achieved all these through hard work

Thursday, 22 September 2016

MAMA 2016: Wizkid, Linda Ikeji, others nominated for Personality of the Year

The MAMA award for 2016 is set to hold Johannesburg on the 25th of September a with a smashing list of nominees lined up. Among those nominated are Nigerian's singer Wizkid, Linda Ikeji, Starboy, Cassper, Olympic medalist Caster Semenya.Linda Ikeji and Wizkid are on the list for Personality of the Year Award" 

This is fun packed and a must watch. Fifty nominees and from 18 countries and 9 key awards. 

Yahoo Breach of 500M Accounts Could Be the Biggest of All-Time- Technology Hacking

Yahoo has recently revealed that it has failed users; up to 500 million accounts have been hacked in 2014, which Yahoo believes is hacked by a state sponsored actor. This seems to be the largest hack ever. Yahoo is urging account owners to change their passwords and update security questions; especially if these questions were being used in other accounts. 

The whole story being revealed last month is still being investigated and Yahoo is working with the police towards getting the culprit. 

Shauman Ghosemaumder, chief technology officer of Shape Security revealed that; although credential spills is typical, the scale of this very scam is alarming!  
 Read More on NBC News.

Croydon Police Department Urge Residents To Carry This With Them At All Times

Croydon,  a used to be most admired place for young people, also produced a lot of star models and actors, even dancers! One thing you would be sure of as a young person in the 90's was that life in Croydon was fun and full of family activity canters, and young people with hopes, aspiring to be successful in life. 
Here are a few things that you would be sure of, living in Croydon in the 90's; but not anymore! 
According to the Observe, Croydon residents have to be more careful when out and about. No matter where or when you are going out, it may be safer having a "Shadowhawk"!

According to the observe, the high rate of late night and early morning crimes in Croydon, the police has advised resident to carry this flashlight as a safety precaution. 
Young people are living in fear and causing fear to themselves; even stabbing and being stabbed.
One question is; when would these change? 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cosy Orjiakor names cats Buhari, Goodluck , says only sexy officer can arrest her

Comic Relief!!!

Daily news Nigeria has recently revealed this story,which I find as a comic, considering the characters involved. Could not be any funnier; as a Nollywood actress tagged "controversial actress"; Cossy Orjiakor, is said to have named her two cats "Buhari and Goodluck", after the past and present presidents of Nigeria. Hmmm!

The real images from cossy's instagram page

BUT, could have been more like this:

"just wondering what the outcome of this jungle meeting would be"

The Daily News also said Cossy had announced the naming of her cats on instagram page where she said the cats- Buhari and Jonathan are discussing the Nigerian economy and Dollar rate.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

A 'Loud explosion' reported in street in Manhattan, New York

About 2 am (BST), on the 18th of September, a loud explosion was experienced in the streets of Manhattan - New York. 

According to the police report, "several" people were injured and taken to the local hospital.

Witnesses said the loud explosion occurred at the junction of 23rd street, 6th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. 

The actual caused of this explosion is yet to be revealed.

More information to be revealed as soon as possible.

Tragic death of Bahman Golbarnezhad, Iranian cyclist, dies in hospital after road race crash

Bahman Golbarnezhad, the 48 year old Iranian cyclist has been reported death barely 30 minutes ago following a tragic accident that occurred during the men’s C4-5 road race. Unfortunately this accident happened at the downhill section of the course of the race.

The race according to the guardiannews, began at Pontal, including the Grumari Circiut Incorporated, the Iranian athlete was treated at the scene of the accident and then taken to the hospital for further treatment.
However, the Iran’s national Paralympic committee later announced the death of Golbarnezhad this evening, followed by the breaking news on 4hd live Paralympic Games; where is was formally confirmed that the athlete dies of fractures to his neck.

Honouring to his life is to be held about 6pm (Brazil time), at the athletes’ village.
This would be drawing some level of sadness tomorrow as the final ceremony is due tomorrow, but it would be a big lose to Iran and Bahman’s family above all.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Three-year-old boy dies after drinking caustic soda in Ogun school

At the age of 3 what were you able to do by yourself?

Imagine as a parent, you drop your toddler off at a nursery; although this topic calls it "school", and then you are told that he drank 'caustic soda!!!', and is dead. 

This incident is beyond imagination and I strongly wonder what the standard of this so called school is. Is any child safe to be left in this "private" school? What are the staff like? what training have they undergone? Are they really qualified to be employed to care for children?

I do not understand how a toddler could reach a bottle of soda, neither can i understand the need of caustic soda in the learning environment for toddlers.

According to Daily Post, the toddler had undergone six different surgeries, and still died. It also added the bitter bereavement of the toddlers mother, but surprisingly, nothing was done or is yet done in regards to the school authority where this drastic incident happened. 

Daily post however, said that the Ogun state Government had investigated the school; "very belated investigation, if I may say ", and came to this conclusion:  

“There was a full investigation. But because there was no hard evidence, it became difficult to take the issue up legally. We combed the premises of the school and nothing was found, probably because time had elapsed and the school might have cleaned up,” Mujota said.

I cannot begin to imagine what this toddlers parents would be feeling, but one thing I believe is that the Local Governments are neither protecting their citizen nor providing for them.

This kind of atrocity can only happen where the system has allowed it. Lack of payment of salaries by Government and Private Firms is continuously leading staff toward unimaginable behaviours and deals; for example, staff who should be supporting and caring for the pupils at schools become traders within the school premises. All dealing on their own personal interests. Enough is Enough! How many more of this must the Government entertain?

UPDATE: Convicted murderer who absconded from North Sea Camp ‘located and arrested’

Finally we can all relax again. The murderer is back behind bars. 

Stuart Brown had earlier yesterday assumed himself to be invincible, but thanks to the effort of the community policing.

Brownhill Stuart- Convict

The Lincolnshire police have this morning confirmed that the convicted murderer who had escaped yesterday- Friday 16th Sept 2016 from the Freiston Shore Facility has been found and arrested.

59 years old Stuart Brownhill, was noticed missing from the North Sea Camp during the roll call. He had been jailed since 1985 for the murder of Lynne Taylor in Manchester.

The news of a convicted murder on the loose, I must say gave a lot of people the shocks and shivers, however, the police did not stop until they arrested him and taken back to custody. Superintendent Timmins, acting community policing superintendent for Boston, East Lindsey and South Holland, appealed publicly, directing his speech to Stuart to give himself in.

 He appealed in these words; “I appeal directly to Stuart to get in touch with us,” he continued to say; “I also ask for anyone who knows where Stuart Brownhill, who is described as 5’ 8” tall, bald and has one green eye and a blue eye, is to call us”.

In his appeal, he continued to advice people not to approach Stuart, but to call the police on the emergency number 999. He also further suggested that the non-emergency 101 number could be contacted with any other information that will help us to find him.”

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Clowns threatening to abduct kids in Georgia 'not funny'

Recently it has become known to the US state of Georgia, that clowns are becoming increasingly unbearable, both by their behaviours, appearance and words. 

Very recently in August, an apartment in Greenville, South Carolina sent letters to its residents warning them about a clown trying to lure children into the woods.

Again in September, a residents of Winston-Salem in North Carolina said a clown was offering children sweets to go off with him. Some eye witnesses described the clown as dressed in white overalls and had red, bushy hair and a red nose, ran off when officers arrived.
Georgia police say they have received calls from anxious parents about clowns trying to talk to children.

There have been investigations by the LaGrange police, showing an online threat by clowns to abduct kids from local schools.
In a statement on Facebook, LaGrange police said: "We've received several calls about clowns in a van and in wooded areas trying to talk to children.

A Russian cyber espionage group has been condemned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for hacking into its database and stealing information about US Olympic stars.

The bad news carriers are at it again! Only this time the news being spread around are all false and are with the intent to cause malicious harm and damage of peoples' careers.

A Russian cyber hack group, calling itself "fancy bears", have been condemned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), for illegally accessing confidential medical records of Serena and Venus Williams, alongside Simone Biles, the Olympics gymnast and publishing online. 

According to fancy bear, the three ladies had been doping before their Olympics record set; but WADA says the ladies were officially  cleared of the substances used.

Sky News  

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Why you should hold your iPhone in your right hand to make phone calls

This may sound silly, but it is actually true; researched and validated.

Did you know that iPhone is best held with right hand when making or answering a phone call? Do I hear why???

Well, a recent research has shown that holding your iPhone with left hand reduces the strength or signal to the phone. Although this is said to affect other phones too, the difference between left and right seems to be highly evident on iPhone than the others.

The results shown below is the research outcome, however, iPhone 7 is not part of the research.

A 23 years old lady raped on the streets of Lagos, after she was force to use Indian Hemp

A young lady of 23 who was said to have gone to meet her aunt at her shop on the 28th of August. She eventually left the aunt just before 10 PM for home as she claimed she was not feeling too well. The aunt was later informed that the young lady had not come back home since she left the aunt. An immediate search tracing her steps.
According to the brother, they quickly went a search and surprisingly found their the 23 yr old by the corners of the Lagos Abeokuta Express Road, TREMBLING AND IN A MAJOR SHOCK..

The lady whose name is not revealed could hardly stand and was soaked in blood. She was soon taken to the intensive care and following concerns, was put on antibiotic to prevent any possible infection following the traumatic rape experience. She was firstly drugged before being raped; as the sources explained.

According to Punch correspondence, the lady's brother informed them that the hoodlums who gave their sister drugs where right present at the spot and threatened to beat him up if does not leave with his sister immediately.

This young lady is still waiting for justice as the two men whom raped her are still at large.

What a scary situation.

23 killed and up to 50 injured in a fire explosion

Early hours of today a Bangladesh based packaging company burnt to blazes following a gas explosion at the factory, which is one of the several big factories in Bangladesh. The company, a five storey Tampaco foils company, located in Tongi industrial area, outside Dhaka.

The police officials reported possible number of casualties and the critical situation at the Dhakar Medical College and Hospital. It is a dreadful site at this time although help is at reach; the firemen did what they could to rescue victims that were trapped and to stop the fire, the emergency services administered first aid before heading to the hospital.

The sad event has left families of injured and dead victims traumatised.

Daily Mail online 

School denies sanctioning fight club after shocking footage of brawl emerges

Are you for or against violence?

My study background makes me understand violence as an act of intentional use of force against another person, or group of people. An act which is mostly leading to causing the other person or group of people to get hurt; physically or sometimes psychologically; for instance fighting, bullying, gang related and most recently social media.

School violence as we are aware is fast growing and involves violence that occurred with the premises of the school, on the way to or from school, during a school sponsored event or whilst going to or returning from any such event sponsored by the school event. 

According to a survey carried out by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System shows an overview on the trend of school violence in US

These behaviors are what I remember every education board preaches against; well i thought so until this SHOCKING CLIP by Metro online, where a Texas school has been accused of hosting a fight in the school premises, titled "Junior High Coaches Host Fight"

Although the Nichols School spokesman has denied the school sanctioned the fight and that claims that the teacher who was present was a supply teacher and has been reported suspended; I am sure parents do see a level of responsibility clinging around the school as an authority whom you have entrusted your child's safety to. The school should be responsible for giving the supply teacher a role in the school as a teacher. How thoroughly was the DBS carried out?

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Your Health, Your Say and Your Choice.

Dear readers,

I am happy to inform you that the health and well being page is still updating on a daily basis, on a whole new world of fitness, being active, living healthy and in fact, taking control of your life choices. 

At, we promote natural products, easy plan diet styles, motivate yourself with packaged support from diet planner, easy and accessible, short time diets without excessive work out- eat to loose weight, a lot of green products and joint care supplements.

Keep trending;

'We workout 20 minutes a WEEK'; says body building twins

Men's Health: Fitness and getting "Ripped"

The "Body Building" twins; Zoran and Goran, originally from Croatia, came to London three years ago with a strong intention to become 'famous in the fitness industry'; and that is what they have done. Showing off bulging biceps and well built abs, the 27 years old professional personal trainers are not naturally adorned with the "ripped hot looks", but they have intensively worked out daily, capping just 20 minutes a week. Surprised?

Without doubt, the twins are exercising the right ways and knowing where to focus. Remember, exercise done the wrong way could leave you more bloated and unable to loose any weight. 

According to the twins, 5 minutes of high intensive cardio and 15 minutes of high intensive weight training; finesse! 

Ladies could equally build their abs using the right training; READ MORE, about abs and fitness with Caragh Flannery 

CBeebies denies Show Me Show Me presenter sang the c-word on children's television show

A concerned mum has this morning reported an inappropriate song, allegedly sang by TV presenter Chris Jarvis; during the Wednesday morning's episode of: 'show me show me'. Hence, the children's channel, according to the Telegraph, has been forced to deny that one of its presenters said the c-word as he sang a song about kites on air. 

Chris who was riding on a scooter around the garden had used a c... word rather than 'KITE', as he sang, claimed the parent. Ms Mann said she had been tidying up while the program was on and suddenly, she heard this work and immediately stopped to listen. She re-wound and played the clip and as many times as she tried to justify the pronunciation, as many times she could not.
 Ms Mann said; “I wasn’t really taking any notice of what was on the telly, which was on while I was tidying up,” she told The Sun. “But then I just heard that word, so I re-wound the show because I couldn’t believe it.

“And then every time I replayed it, I just couldn’t hear anything but that word. At first I thought it was really funny because it was just a shock, but if my little girl who is two starts saying that in public it’s going to make me look really bad, so it’s upsetting and quite annoying – she wouldn’t know any difference.”

The mother who killed her 9 months old baby

Yet another horror story on “poor health and social care expertise”; this time from Scotland.
The mum who smothered her baby whilst suffering from postnatal depression, ‘should have got a better care package’; BBC Scotland.

Erin Sutherland, a mother of three, was said to have been failed by professionals who were in charge of her care; as was explained by Mental Health Commission for Scotland. Following this incident and investigations, it was shown by a report that the professionals failed to identify the severity of Erin’s depression, therefore it made fourteen recommendations to improve postnatal mental health care.
Having failed to safeguard the situation at the early due to issues such as; lack of communication among multi agencies and omission of early diagnosis, these professionals had failed Erin, and the children, including the dead Chloe.

Patient history is very important to health and social care, as much as communication and most especially; allocation of sufficient time to assess, monitor and communicate with patient and then to make a comprehensive note. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Powerful Health Drink:'GINGER' and 'more'

How much do we know about “nature” and its “produce”? I bet not a lot.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a lovely Asian family, who were mostly “nature reliance” when it comes to their drinks and food. Herbs and seeds, vegetables, fruits and plants that I had never imagined their needs. 

This family make all their drinks fresh from scratch! Yes Fresh! Though they were not particularly an average family, they are so full of freshness, that I could not wish for more myself. 

I would watch the lady make drinks like carrot, ginger, pomegranate and others that I had never imagined, such as avocado drink! You heard me; AVACADO DRINK/ JUICE; one word; DELICIOUS!

Indeed, we know some plants are good for us, they are medicinal, but to what extent? I was more shocked at the truth behind the drinks, especially ginger. I learnt that apart from the general usage of ginger as a seasoning and for garnishing food, when crushed, grated or liquidised, ginger is a POWER HOUSE!
  • Ginger, as we all know is in the root plant family; rhizome, grown in the tropic and sub-tropic regions. Scientists know it as ‘Zingiber Officinale’. Ginger is best known as an anti-inflammatory. 
  • A publication in 2015, by Oncotarget, showed that the compounds of ginger; ‘6-Gingerol (6G), present in the pungent extracts of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) has shown potent anti-tumorigenic and pro-apoptotic activities against a variety of cancers’. It's emphasis were on the fact that 6G treatment induced significant reduction of tumour volume and tumourweight.
  • The second bioactive compound of ginger is Shogaols. Shogaols are dehydrated products of gingerols and are responsible for easy digestive functions, by doing this, enhances the prevention of lungs and colon cancer.
  • Ginger has also been proven through research to be a suppressant to arthritis and muscle pains.It is also a good formula for tummy trimming- flat tummy; as a drink, as a natural laxative, ginger drink will stimulate you from the inside and leaves you feeling good, new and light.  
  • Due to its strong taste, I find it interesting to make my ginger drink with lemon and honey. You can also mix with cucumber and mint leaves
  • My powerful combination drink of ginger, lemon and 2 teaspoonful of honey per 450 ml of warm water, is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Please do not hesitate. Try it.

Monday, 5 September 2016

All NEW Health and Wellbeing Page!!!

Keeping it healthy is our business! has launch a new health and well being page today, comprising of all new natural products, easy plan diet styles, motivate yourself with packaged support from diet planner, easy and accessible, short time diets without excessive work out- eat to slim down, all green products and joint care supplements.
There are lots to see and try, but there are more to come.

Keep healthy, look trendy.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nigeria Nollywood Industry is too much: ZUCKERBERG IN LAGOS!!!

Target focused! Efficient! Proactive! and just Nollywood!

Just two days after Mark left Nigeria, the Nollywood industry has produced a movie titled: Zuckerberg in Lagos; what an amazing speed! This movies by Immortal Films Limited is a must watch.


African Basketball League with Ugo Udezue

Success as we know is never easy to come by, except with hard work.

On the 6th of June 1946, Basketball Association was founded in New York City. The league soon adopted the name National BasketballAssociation on the 3 of August 1949; after teaming up with its rival: National Basketball League (NBL). The setting up and formation of the NBA was not an easy job either, but it focused through hard work and today spurring through 29 states in America.

Again, a similar struggle has commenced in Africa, but this time not by a group, or a state, but by just one man: Ugo Udezue, Ugo was know for his hard work during his college basketball years;  Sam McClain, coach of head men's basketball team at the Wyoming University once said; "I would like to have a whole team of players like the Nigerian players Ugo Udezue and Uche Nsonwu Amadi because of how hard they work".


Having gone through Wyoming University,where he studied communication, Ugo Udezue decided to go into his dream and passion of giving younger Africans the opportunity to achieve their dreams and leave the streets. 

ABL which is barely six months old, with up to six teams, has completed its debut session where the Abidjan Ramblers were crowned. Udezue shared that it was a success! and has drawn more than six more teams wanting to be part of the game when the second session dunks off in October.

This is the beginning of a mighty "net" work. Africans youth! Africans dream! Go and achieve!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Not once, but twice in a week: Mark Zuckerberg is back in Nigeria

Mark who arrived Nigeria on Tuesday 30th of July for the first time, during which is visited KCC Hub in Yaba and many other lovely places; left Nigeria for Kenya on the 1st of September - Thursday and returned to Nigeria again on Friday the 2nd.

It is said that this time Mark has come to see President Buhari; 'maybe for a more digital understanding'. I personally believe Mark has some business advancements to pursue in Nigeria, new links to activate and maybe finally embed Facebook within all the tolls. It is always business with Mark and I believe Nigeria is ready for that next stage of social media ranking.

Welcome back Mark. I am sure there is more to come.

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