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The Powerful Health Drink:'GINGER' and 'more'

How much do we know about “nature” and its “produce”? I bet not a lot.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a lovely Asian family, who were mostly “nature reliance” when it comes to their drinks and food. Herbs and seeds, vegetables, fruits and plants that I had never imagined their needs. 

This family make all their drinks fresh from scratch! Yes Fresh! Though they were not particularly an average family, they are so full of freshness, that I could not wish for more myself. 

I would watch the lady make drinks like carrot, ginger, pomegranate and others that I had never imagined, such as avocado drink! You heard me; AVACADO DRINK/ JUICE; one word; DELICIOUS!

Indeed, we know some plants are good for us, they are medicinal, but to what extent? I was more shocked at the truth behind the drinks, especially ginger. I learnt that apart from the general usage of ginger as a seasoning and for garnishing food, when crushed, grated or liquidised, ginger is a POWER HOUSE!
  • Ginger, as we all know is in the root plant family; rhizome, grown in the tropic and sub-tropic regions. Scientists know it as ‘Zingiber Officinale’. Ginger is best known as an anti-inflammatory. 
  • A publication in 2015, by Oncotarget, showed that the compounds of ginger; ‘6-Gingerol (6G), present in the pungent extracts of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) has shown potent anti-tumorigenic and pro-apoptotic activities against a variety of cancers’. It's emphasis were on the fact that 6G treatment induced significant reduction of tumour volume and tumourweight.
  • The second bioactive compound of ginger is Shogaols. Shogaols are dehydrated products of gingerols and are responsible for easy digestive functions, by doing this, enhances the prevention of lungs and colon cancer.
  • Ginger has also been proven through research to be a suppressant to arthritis and muscle pains.It is also a good formula for tummy trimming- flat tummy; as a drink, as a natural laxative, ginger drink will stimulate you from the inside and leaves you feeling good, new and light.  
  • Due to its strong taste, I find it interesting to make my ginger drink with lemon and honey. You can also mix with cucumber and mint leaves
  • My powerful combination drink of ginger, lemon and 2 teaspoonful of honey per 450 ml of warm water, is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Please do not hesitate. Try it.

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  1. Quite insightful. Will give it a good.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you found it useful and please feel free to share your views