Sunday, 10 September 2017

Birmingham witnesses a scare: A man wielding a knife stormed a church and stabbed three worshippers

The New Jerusalem Apostolic Church in Rocky Lane, Birmingham 

As early as 10 am this morning, while people were gathered in the above church worshiping, a man wielding a knife ran into the church where he attacked and stabbed three worshippers. One of the victims is said to be in a stable condition and his injury, not life threatening.

A 46 years old man was arrested and charged with attempted murder. According to the West Midlands police spokesperson, "early indications show that the attacker and victim knew each other, and it is a targeted attack"

Acid attack by teenagers on Hawkshead street Southport

A teenage girl and three teenage boys are being searched for following an acid attack last night on Hawkshead Street Southport. This is reported to have happened about 9.35 pm. An innocent man walking home was attacked, and after being hit severally he was further attacked with acid poured over his face. 
According to the police report, his wallet and phone were taken by his attackers. Simon Vaughan of Merseyside Police stated that violent attacks like this one will not be tolerated by the police and he promises it is a rare incident and the search for the four teenagers continues. 

This is scary and yet shows the level of crime in the society. 

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A woman who gave birth secretly and tries to kill the baby

Staffordshire County has exposed the attempted murder of a new born by the birth mother on Friday 8th of September 2017, when the Crown Court heard that a woman had secretly given birth, stuffed the baby in a plastic bag and hurled her out of the window.
Although Metro specifies that the baby survived the fall, there is, however, severe injuries including bleeding on the brain.This is horrendous! In a country where fostering and Adoption are highly encouraged and supported.

Judge Michael Chamber QC stated that the act was "premeditated, grave and appalling".

This mother was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. 


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hurricane Jose: A class 2 hurricane hits just after Irma

Barbuda was hit so hardly by Irma; hitting over 90% of her structures, yet a much stronger Jose has been said to have approached the Atlantic. There is news on a further hurricane in Barbuda and Antigua; two countries that have just been recently hit by Irma.

Photo by New York News:
The eye of Hurricane Irma (left) is just north of the island of Hispaniola, with Hurricane Jose (right) in the Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A 21 months old girl murdered by her mother: Ayeeshia-Jayne Smith was stamped to death by her mother

A mother and a killer: Ayeeshia's mother killed her in cold blood

A 23 years old mother who killed her own toddler was jailed last year. Another serious Case Review where agencies have failed a child in every way. This case review published today 5th Sept, has again reminded the social services of the poor practice revolving within Children Services. It must be highlighted that the child's needs must be paramount in every practice and professionals must not over emphasize on the needs of the parents or carer. but must unpick incidents and information shared and how they were shared.

There is a great need to work together and on time information sharing to be put in practice. Derbyshire County promises to make changes and to improve safeguarding. I would say staff need to trained and tested for compliance to practice.

Medical incidents and previously recorded injuries were omitted, therefore leading to prolonged abuse and lack of safeguarding and protection. 

Ayeeshia's injuries were described by doctors to be similar to those found on car accident victims. How badly could have the life of this young girl been before her death? What is the excuse? how was this level of abuse missed?

                                 Kathryn Smith (Ayeeshia's mother- 23) and her late Ayeeshia

Although Kathryn was jailed for life, Ayeeshia's death still remains a sad story in our hearts

Broadstairs Cafe owner defrauds council of council property and disability benefit worth up to £152,000

The UK tries its best to ensure that disabled residents get the support they need. This is a fact. However, some ungrateful, greedy people have chosen to make this good gesture seem unreasonable after all. 
How could a healthy woman and her husband, adamantly continue to receive support that is meant for people with actual disability. Claiming to be severely disabled, Mrs. White received over £150,000 from Government Funds.

Through surveillance, The Fraud Team was able to identify Mrs. White's double life and with all evidence gathered, arrested for benefit fraud of £152,000. However, BBC documentation stated that Mrs. White had shown no remorse towards her actions.
Mrs. White, a 56 years old woman who claim disability allowance and living a posh council property in Etham- Greenwich Council, claimed it to be her only property but her husband had given his address as Broadstairs, which was found unrealistic considering the distance to Etham and he being the only carer for a severely disabled wife. 
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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Rooney Retires from International football

BBC has announced the retirement of England Captain Wayne Rooney, who scored about 53 England goals in 119 appearances. Rooney was not only England captain, but a valued footballer in Man United and Everton.

Ending his career earlier than he would have, fans await the real story.

How would history judge Wayne Rooney's England career.

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