Friday, 28 December 2018

2018 ends with thousands of death... natural disasters and non natural

As the year ends, a lot of unimaginable are happening. Some natural causes and some man Ignited.

1. Thousands killed as Indonesia devastated by nearly 2,000 natural

2. Natural Disasters. Tornadoes Don't Form Like Meteorologists Thought They Did. A 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake Just Shook Alaska. New Zealand's Islands Are Creeping Closer Together. Mount Etna's Slide into the Sea Could Trigger a Catastrophic Collapse

3. 2018-12-25 07:36. Gunmen at the weekend killed over 20 people in the latest attack on villages in northern Nigeria's Zamfara state, plus
23 Nov 2018 · Islamic militants in Nigeria may have killed as many as 100 soldiers in an attack on a military base, ..

4. Anchorage logs 28th homicide of 2018 as gun sale goes awry

By Casey Grove, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage -

December 11, 2018


That number is up from the 15 holiday traffic deaths the agency reported in 2017.

The Georgia State Patrol ramped up patrols in the days before and after Christmas, hoping to curb wrecks by putting a stop to unsafe driving habits, according to the agency.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Life and Family

Do you ever wonder what your life means to you? Do you ever imagine you living without your family? Maybe in a strange world where you know no one and stand as a stranger.

My life means a lot. This is what a lot of people say. But living is not about sleeping and waking up, it is about enjoying life, having friends, making more friends, keeping the friends happier and so much more your family.

Family is everything one should have, wish for and cherish. Sometimes, this may not come but if it does, we grow on it, with it and learn off it.

Life is not perfect hence we are all artists of our lives.

Keep up the good work and live to enjoy it.


Saturday, 4 August 2018

Wanting to be pregnant? All you need

Health, Life, and Conception

Childbearing is an interesting part of life for most people. However, a few facts are still lacking recognition by couples and lovers or partners; whichever you find yourself in.

These are a few hints to fasten your efforts to get pregnant, and at the same time to maintain your health.

1. Did you know that regular sex increases the level of oestrogen production in your body, which helps regulate your menstrual cycle and boost your fertility?

Yes! regular sex; not less than three times a week, but more is advisable. 

2. A healthy weight is another factor that may delay conception, both parties, male and female should manage and keep a healthy weight. In women, being overweight can affect your ability to have a hormone balance and excessive fat interferes with ovulation. For men, however, excessive fat would result to lower sperm quality (Libido), and erection dysfunction.

3. Being underweight can also affect your ovulation. You need some level of body fat to keep hormone balance. Therefore you need to keep a healthy weight.

4. Get multivitamins to be your companion- All the vitamins are necessary, calcium, omega 3, all the B's, K, Iron, D, Coenzymes Q10, folic acid, Fruits and Vegetables and lots of water

5. Stop bad habits such as smoking, making fizzy drinks your breakfast and take healthier options- fruits, carrots, celeries and herbal or green teas

6. Finally rest well.

These are only but a few...
Keeping healthy