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A 23 years old lady raped on the streets of Lagos, after she was force to use Indian Hemp

A young lady of 23 who was said to have gone to meet her aunt at her shop on the 28th of August. She eventually left the aunt just before 10 PM for home as she claimed she was not feeling too well. The aunt was later informed that the young lady had not come back home since she left the aunt. An immediate search tracing her steps.
According to the brother, they quickly went a search and surprisingly found their the 23 yr old by the corners of the Lagos Abeokuta Express Road, TREMBLING AND IN A MAJOR SHOCK..

The lady whose name is not revealed could hardly stand and was soaked in blood. She was soon taken to the intensive care and following concerns, was put on antibiotic to prevent any possible infection following the traumatic rape experience. She was firstly drugged before being raped; as the sources explained.

According to Punch correspondence, the lady's brother informed them that the hoodlums who gave their sister drugs where right present at the spot and threatened to beat him up if does not leave with his sister immediately.

This young lady is still waiting for justice as the two men whom raped her are still at large.

What a scary situation.

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