Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Broadstairs Cafe owner defrauds council of council property and disability benefit worth up to £152,000

The UK tries its best to ensure that disabled residents get the support they need. This is a fact. However, some ungrateful, greedy people have chosen to make this good gesture seem unreasonable after all. 
How could a healthy woman and her husband, adamantly continue to receive support that is meant for people with actual disability. Claiming to be severely disabled, Mrs. White received over £150,000 from Government Funds.

Through surveillance, The Fraud Team was able to identify Mrs. White's double life and with all evidence gathered, arrested for benefit fraud of £152,000. However, BBC documentation stated that Mrs. White had shown no remorse towards her actions.
Mrs. White, a 56 years old woman who claim disability allowance and living a posh council property in Etham- Greenwich Council, claimed it to be her only property but her husband had given his address as Broadstairs, which was found unrealistic considering the distance to Etham and he being the only carer for a severely disabled wife. 
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