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Is the Government still Choosing and Picking when to implement and implement Covid procedures


Christmas Covid Relaxations Should Be Cancelled To Protect NHS, Doctors Urge

I feel the government is using her citizens as apparatus at this point.
Children are mandated to attend school meeting with thousands of children from other homes; yet children nd youths seem to be the high carriers now. They bring this home to their families and parents get ut from work and yet it is okay. You are told to isolate if you have symptoms. As long as these activities of work and education happen the Gocernment is happy.
How dare you control Christmas now. Teo or three household celebrating as against 30 children in a class room.
We are humans. You are treating us unfairly and yet only when it pleases you you lift and place the Covid ban 
My opinion is education to maintain reduced classroom learning and 70% online until this I'd resolved pkease do not attempt to restrict Christmas Celebration.
What do you think?

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