Friday, 18 August 2017

South Africa considering granting immunity to Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe in South Africa: Happy days

South Africa seems to be willing to grant Grace Mugabe immunity in South Arica the Guardian tells us. 

Grace Mugabe was said to have attacked Gabriella Engeles (20), who claimed she had been chilling at a hotel with Mrs. Mugabe's sons. Although she claims to be in the hotel with Mrs. Mugabe's sons, she also added that they were in the next room. I just wondered why Mrs. Mugabe would attack a total stranger who was next door from her sons' hotel room. Was she unwell? 

This story seems incomplete. No wonder the South African Government.

Update: Sierra Leone mudslide: At least 600 still missing in Freetown

The spokesman for the president has today informed BBC. President Koroma has declared 7 days mourning in the country as well as pleading for support from all part of the world. About 460 people confirmed dead and mean still missing.

It was indeed a sad day for Freetown and families are still broken either by death or loss of their loved one. 

The people and children without families now ask the government to help support their present condition. On the other hand, the government plans a mass burial for the victims.

Only our support can help the current situation. "Ever little helps" in this very situation.

Thanking already donating sites such as GlobalGiving

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tube and Train Misfortune in London

Early this morning outside the London Waterloo station, one of the busiest station in London, a train derails shortly after leaving the station platform at a low speed; Network Rail said.

Additionally, a passenger train crashed into buffers at King's Cross Station; carrying 23 passengers and two staff when this happened. Similarly, Holborn Station was closed due to fire outbreak earlier today.

These disruption has led to delayed travel and Network Rail advises commuters to use other means of transportation.

More information 

Monday, 14 August 2017


The capital of Sierra Leone; Freetown, has witnessed an enormous shift in weather leading to the death of about 200 people. Following the heavy rain on Monday 14th Aug 2017, a hilltop collapsed, send down a mudslide.

A BBC reporter at the location at the time of that many people must have been asleep at the time of the change. 

According to BBC, the Vice-President Victor Bockarie Foh, "likely that 100s are lying dead"

Statistics show that more lives are possible to get lost.

Locals tried to recover bodies from the mud with their bare hands.  Many still feared to be trapped indoors in their homes.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Eastern Nigeria continues to experience gun attacks in churches.

Only five days ago, on the 6th of August, St. Philip Catholic Church Ozubulu witnessed what was tagged "BLACK SUNDAY" This was a sad day and remains an unimaginable memory for all. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the evil deeds of some sadists.

Today, there has been another episode of gunning, leading to the death of about twelve people at the Assemblies of God Church Onitsha. Some police men were attacked during the shooting and innocent worshipers shot to death.

More information to be relayed soon according to Vanguard News.

STOP! Never talk about not having opportunity in life until you see these clips.

We are what we make out of ourselves.

I often hear people saying things like; "if only I had an opportunity early in my life, I would have made something out of life for myself".

My question here is: what do they mean by an opportunity early in life? 

I have lived long enough to understand that we are the creators of our own future. Whatever you model as your life is what you will live in. Design your life with targets and strive to meet those targets, and in return, you would enjoy a settled life; possibly free of regrets and moans. Or if you are one of those that are never satisfied or happy with what they have, you may continue to regret and moan about what would have been better.

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook, asking why people talk about the life they have lived using "if only I had done this or that", instead of "I am glad or I am pleased with who I am".

Again, I will remind you that your life is a million times fulfilled and cherishable no matter what the difficulties you think you are having or may have had.  

As long as you are healthy, living a life of independence and not thinking of what the next minute may bring to your life and that of your loved ones, please stop lamenting!!! get up and get a grip of yourself.

After watching these clips am sure you will agree with me that you have had life easy on a platter of Gold even. These are real people going through big ordeals in their lives yet they are grateful for life.