Saturday, 22 April 2017

Shades of family, love, culture and new age

Its all about "Ask Aunty B"

Really, I found this clips very interesting. The creativity put into it made a clear description of the saying: "to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong".

I applaud the setting and believe it when i say it interesting; it shows family, love, support and a parent supporting a child despite the difference in lifestyle but including all the fun that money can not buy.

Well done #Mimi Missfit and #Ask Aunty B

The truth about life

Being Successful 

It's being a while since I wrote on my Blog page and for this I apologise. I have not forgotten my fan and viewers, not for one minute. But as we know, life is molded to suit the success that comes with in. I am a full time student, mum, wife and mentor to my kids. Yes "kids"; two very lovely, active boys. As we know, kids need us all the time and everyday to be there and to support them along side every other thing that we may be involved with. 

So this year for me has been the most demanding and yet most important part of my life. Some how i dabbled into a conversation where a friend crushed my feeling. Yes crushed!!! This friend strongly believes that being lucky is foundation for success. He also believed that there are people who are classified as lucky for some "reasons". On the other hand, I insisted that success is about the attitude an individual possesses. With the right attitude, I believe anyone can be successful.

As much as he did not believe this, only two days later, I got a social media message from another friend showing that if A,B,C,D to Z is equal to 1, 2, 3, 4 to 26; THEN my dears, LUCK is only equal to 47% of life success and ATTITUDE is equal to 100%

So please my friends, readers and mostly parents support and mentor your kids to have the right attitude towards life for a blossom success.