Sunday, 11 December 2016

'Staff are quitting due to the toxic working environment' claims teacher at Croydon primary school Calling on the education Board to intervene! What does the Local Authority have to say to the future of our children?

Broadmead Primary Academy: Who suffers more? The children or the teachers? 

I would it is long over due for the Government to intervene the current situation of this school. Following continuous change of heads and lack of functional policies, Broadmead is gone from grace to grass. Parents are continuously requesting a change of school for their children  due to lack of motivation within the school system; a child would describe a day at Broadmead as "Long and Boring". How can this be a place for any child to reach their goals?

Yes a few parents have spoken up and yet the Reach 2 Academy has done nothing to set the standard of this school. Children are criticised by teachers and emotionally taunted during class activities yet nothing is done to change this. The level of learning can of course not not improve if teachers are not trained to take up their duty of care towards the pupils and if the Board does not listen to the parents and some good teachers they have.

It is a shame Broadmead already lost some good teachers and students.