Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BREAKING NEWS!!! Who is Dawood Ibrahim Khan for real: Pakistani news channel claims Donald Trump was born in Pakistan as Dawood Ibrahim Khan

Some unknown writers have recently published stories and graphic photos of a said Dawood Ibrahim Khan, to being Donald Trump. This story has however, been classified to be a hoax. There seems not to be any form of evidence towards the story so far and may be seen as method of sabotage and conspiracy against Donald Trump.

It has further been mentioned that the photo clip posted by the media is false and to be ignored.

Donald is surely an American and born in the US as far as history go. 

However, the culprits seem to be very sure and adamant and are requesting a 'DNA'; in their own words, "Donald Trump was born in a muslim family in Shawal Valley North Warziristan on the 4th of June 1946, original name was Dawood Ibrahim Khan, he studied in a Madrassa in South Waziristan. His parents were killed in an accident in 1954, Capt. Stockdale, a retired British Army officer brought him to England in 1955 and later a couple from Queens, NY by the name of Fred and Mary Trump adopted him and called him Donald. We should demand a Birth Certificate and his DNA.”