Saturday, 5 November 2016

Can this be true? Ex Nollywood Murder Convict Ibinabo Fiberesima Returns, Outshines Colleagues At 76 Movie Premiere

Nollywood Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima 

What is the legal system for then? Can anyone be guilty of murder and the system let it go? I quite doubt that. It could be  that she was not guilty in the first place and may even be entitled to compensation by the state for wrongful arrest.

As the daily news Nigeria stated, she was a top Nollywood star and following an alleged murder charge, Ibinabo went into thin air and has only resurfaced the system with authority. 

Let us remember that Nigerian Legal System is not that open to mercy. I strongly believe there is more to the sudden release.

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Diet and more- still trending

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Want to boost your immune system? Just juice it!!

Dear Readers.

It is once again the season we all crave for. we all have been looking forward to not because of the weather I would say, but because of its special feeling. The celebration that follows and the merriment; all very exciting, but scary when the "FLU" steps in.

I have made a few identifications in my previous writings about various health vegetables and fruits. However, what we may not know is that these fruits and vegetable can be combined to derive amazing outcomes; health wise.

Did you know that Coriander is more than just a seasoning herb. Coriander enable easy digestion, anti-inflammatory, skin cleaning, abdominal discomfort, reduces colic, it is in fact very good for detoxing and improves liver function level.

Secondly, adding a bit of ginger and 3/4 length of a cucumber and  a bit of fresh lemon, gives this herb a super, irresistible strength to combat any skin infection, heart issues - due to reduced cholesterol; (reduces the LDL and raises the HDL cholesterol). Coriander increases iron level- so if you are pregnant, this could be a natural option.However, not everyone likes the taste- including me. But I got the secret tip for that, an apple or half an apple for myself, gives it that "wow" factor!!!

But remember you would be helping protect your family and yourself from a flu this season. Just juice it.

More healthy options coming soon.