Wednesday, 17 August 2016

19 years old Andre ADEREMI stabbed to death in Croydon

A vibrant 19 year old Andre Aderemi was found yesterday in South Croydon, dead with knife wounds. The family have missed a loved son, brother, uncle and cousin. Their heart bled as they shared a piece of advice to other families with young children; "stop the warring" so "another mother and another family doesn't have to be grieving like we are today".
Although two other 19 year old have been arrested in suspicion of Andre's death, Andre is not coming back.

The family speaks further about Andre's life and his likes and the life he led. The story continues as the investigation carries on.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Public Health England: music festivals 'are measles hotspots'

Having recently seen the horrors of Ebola, could this recent finding of the Public Health and NHS England make a difference to the forth coming Nothing Hill Carnival? What would this mean for carnival lovers, the country's economy and the GP surgeries as well?

As we know prevention is a million times better than cure, I envisage GP surgeries may be soon experiencing high call volumes and rush around immunization checks. However, this is not a UK only issue, it is world wide and will be more terrifying in countries with low medical help.

For more Information
Measles can be more serious in teenagers and adults

Kurdish Forces Gain New Front In Fight For IS Iraqi Capital Mosul

The Kurdish Forces, having taken control of Mosul, shows an express defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq. Kurdish being backed by air strikers from the US- led coalition, evaded the Western side of Gwer Bridge- Kanhash; an area which was completely destroyed two years ago by the IS when they swept through the Northern and Western Iraq.

IS is also being attacked by the Iraq Army through the South; therefore the repair of the Gwer Bridge would leave IS defeated Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and other Anti- IS forces.  A this battle to conquer IS in Mosul continue, ICRC fears the possibility of over a million Iraqis fleeing Mosul, hence a "massive humanitarian problem"
According to Kurdish command, it is covering over 58 square miles and it has named ten villages it has reconquered. However, IS has openly claimed it canvassing for supporters to slow Kurdish forces from advancing further by using car bombs driven and detonated by suicide fighters.

The fight continues: Sky News

Monday, 15 August 2016

Croydon Mum Jailed For Forcing Kids To Have Surgery In Benefits Scam

This is a shocking story of a mum who has managed to prove to professionals that they are reluctant to research, investigate, and actively listen to their patients. I am not a medical professional but i would be lying and mostly in denial if i have to say that the professionals who were involved with this family have done their jobs to the best of their knowledge.

Charging this mum of any offence would be unfair, from where I am standing if those who were actively involved in the care of these children are not punished as well. I believe a medical doctor even a surgeon cannot just act on hearsay, word of mouth. They must have run tests and investigated; hence "partnership working", as 'The NHS and Department of Health' call it.

I believe this is a multi disciplinary care, which should have been or must have been a  holistic support package or plan for this family. How could no one have noticed the falsification of her statements and actions? Yet my concerns remain around the children who have gone through stages of abuse and neglect and denial of happy childhood. These children have been failed at every step by the professionals who were involved; what happens next?

Full Story

Skunk- Cannabis: High Risk of Mental Health, Psychosis, erratic behaviour

Lots of young people and majority of adults who have found themselves involved in the addictive habit of use of "skunk", still live in denial of the danger and damage this high dosed substance is influencing in their lives. 

Skunk-cannabis are hybrids of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The combination of these two species makes it the highest THC contain drugs and produces unique effects. It has been referred as "SKUNK" because of its odor, which has been linked to the mammal which sprays a liquid with a strong odor. The level of THC found in Skunk makes it responsible for side effects such as Physiological and psychological and medical effects such as decreased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite,slow reaction time and paranoia with uneven THC and CBD ratios, short term memory loss and a high level of anxiety and hallucination.  

Research shown by BBC shows the relationship between mental health and use of skunk. Interview held by users confirm the addictive nature of skunk, what users thought of their lives and their personality, how the community perceived them and how difficult it is for them to withdraw.