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Life as a Young Carer: Who can help?

Life can be good when you have almost everything going well for you. Life is amazing when you have been given a solid background. Life is fulfilled when you can use your solidity to achieve a balance between living and being happy with your life. How possible can these be for a young carer?

A young carer is a child between the ages of 7 -18 who has been a main carer or partial carer of an adult or another child or children, either because of parental ill health, parental long term conditions such as mental health or learning disabilities or has become a carer due to parental drug and alcohol use and misuse.

Whatever, the situation, it is NOT the child's faulty and a young carer deserves help. Lets join forces to create awareness and support young carer projects worldwide!

According to the NHS UK, young carers could speak to their teachers if they struggle with school work, due to not being punctual depending on their level of care they give, therefore educational expectation may be below standard. It also mentioned that families and the local young carer projects could help with social life. However, NHS UK is requesting for a young carer to manage his or her time, by putting some time aside a day for social life; now, this is more responsibility to the ones listed below:

  • you don't have as much free time as them because you have to spend more time at home
  • you're often thinking about the person you look after
  • you may be worried they will bully you
More needs to be done for young carers; emotional, social and holistic family support.

Read More: NHS Choices

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