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FREE YOGA for London "city worker"

Yes free yoga classes with "meetup"
Life can be hectic in London. Busy lifestyle leaves you with limited or no time for yourself. Meetup is a free yoga classes set to ease the stress of a busy life for Londoners.

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HIV Woman jabs boy with needle of body fluids

A 32 years old woman have been said to have 'deliberately' stabbed a boy with a hypodermic needle containing her body fluid; after he flushed away her drug stash down the toilet. The court heard that the 12 years old was pricked by the uncapped needle in a culpable and reckless manner by the 32 years old who was at the time under the influence of drugs.

The youngster would not be named at this time due to legal reason, however, Jacqueline O'Neil pleaded guilty at Dundee where the case was heard.

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Indonesian man is world’s oldest at 145

Documents proving that the oldest man alive have been found in Indonesia; Mbah Gotho was born on the 31st of Dec. 1870, 31 years before the death of Queen Victoria have been found by experts. This make Gotho 145 years old, therefore older than the recent record holder Jeanne Calment who is 122 years old.

Gotho is said to have out lived his four wives, ten children, grand children, great grand children and now great-great grand children. Although Gotho has said he has been happy to live this long, he has also said he would not want to live any longer.
Gotho has been spoon fed and supported to bath since the last three months now.

Punch Nigeria

Evidence below:

Kidnappers lure artisan from Lagos to Rivers state with fake job offer

Kidnappers at it again!

A man has been lured with a job offer to come from Lagos to River state where he was meant to carry out POP work in a new hotel in River State. Unknowing to him, this was a plot to lure him to be kidnapped.

Having been rescued, Mr Seun tells his story:

"I was contacted by a man who claimed they had a job for me to carry out interior finishing and ceiling of new hotel at Igwurita. I followed the night bus to Igwurita where an Okada man (motor bike transport man), called out my name and said he had been sent to pick me by the man who contacted me. I rang his number to confirm this".

Seun said he was shocked on arrival when he was surrounded by 8 men with machetes.

The death toll is said to have risen as more bodies are being found.

Donald Trump's doctor has said he spent just five minutes on a letter endorsing the Republican candidate's health, while Mr Trump's car waited outside. WHAT???

Following the issues around the health of the two candidates for the upcoming US election; Mrs Clinton and Mr. Trump, which arose during the focal point of their campaign, where Trum had repeatedly alleged that the Democratic Rival; Mrs Clinton is “physically unfit”; of which the outcome was a letter from her doctor; Lisa Bardack, saying Hillary Clinton is of excellent physical health and fit to serve United States. This allegation led Mrs Clinton to hit back at what she said are “unfolded allegations”. Mr Trump faced criticism over personal nature of the attack.
Trump’s doctor hence wrote a letter where he now claims he may have overstated the case; in his words, “so that they {the Trump Campaign} would be happy”. He further said; “ I think i picked up his kind of language and then I just interpreted it to my own”.
This is still not very clear. Is Dr. Bornstein saying he was pressurized to write this letter? What is behind his recent seemingly regrets? Speaking to BBC, Dr. Bornstein has said;
"In the rush I think some of those words didn't come out exactly the way they were meant".
More concerns are shown around the twit by Trump almost in a "brag" of what his health statement would be like, when he said; "I instructed my long-time doctor to issue, within two weeks, a full medical report", adding that it would "show perfection".

Italy earthquake: Mass funeral for 35 victims

The earthquake which hit 10 km - (6.2 miles) Southeast of Norcia started at about 03:36 am (9:36 p.m. Tuesday ET). Earlier reports by Italy's Civil Protection agency showed that of the people killed in the quake, at least 53 of them were in a town known as Amatrice, where at least 100 people were injured.

Also, major fatalities were reported in the nearby towns of Accumoli; (Accumoli is one of the Italian towns near the epicenter of the quake) and Arquata del Tronto. Accumoli sank 20cm; which is about 8 inches due to the earthquake. This was a fact shown by satellite images obtained by Italy's Scientific Authorities.

Rescuers dug through Rubble to save victims, yet up to 290 known to be dead and 35 mass funeral is being held at the Regional Capital of Ascoli Piceno, where their coffins were laid on the floor, of which two were painted 'white' for two children.

Among the victims found so far were three Britons. The death toll is said to have risen as more bodies are being found.

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Enugu herdsmen attack: Police arrest suspected mastermind

It has now been revealed by Vanguard Nigeria, that Enugu State Police Command arrested the suspected mastermind and culprits of the herdsmen attack on ‘Ndiagu Attakwu Akegbe’; Ugwu Community in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State.
The Police Command’s spokesman had yesterday, announced the name of the crime leader as Umaru Isah from Gusau; capital of Zamfara State in the Northern Nigeria. Umaru Isah who claims to be 20 years old informed the Police Command that he came to Enugu to rear cattle, although he had none until now.
Investigations are still being carried out by the police command to unmask his gang says Mr Ebere Amarizu; Police Command spokesman.

Stella Oduah's son dies at 28

The Anambra State Senator for Anambra North Senatorial District, yesterday lost her young son yesterday, at Abuja where he was being admitted in a private hospital. The deceased is said to have died in the early hours of Friday morning. He has also been said to be just 28 years old; what a tragic loss to his family.

According to a reliable News site from Nigeria;, friends and well wishers are showing their condolences via Oduah's twitter.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

A primary school head teacher who used a spy pen to film pupils in the toilets at his school has been jailed for two years and eight months.

A 45 years old Ashley Yates, head teacher of Tynings Primary School in Staple Hill, South Gloucestershire has admitted to six counts of voyeurism and three counts of making indecent images of children at Bristol Crown Court.

Ashley has now been jailed following these charges. He had referred to himself as a “sexual monster”. This came open to public following a pupil finding a pen in the toilet, which happened to be recording adults and children alike. In all, 22 adults and 9 children. Although the Judge agreed that Ashley’s main interest was on adults urinating, he also said Ashley should have realised that children would be using the facility as well. The judge saw this behaviour as “devious” and “significant breach of trust”.

British comedian plays Farage on a Sitcom: A half hour one off "Mockumentary"

Comedian Kevin Bishop is to play Nigel Farage in a one-off comedy about the outgoing UKIP leader. This is set to be a one off.  The title of the show will be based on Nigel's comment during a speech in July and his speech after the Referendum, when Farage said: " In the speech, in which he resigned as UKIP leader, he said: "During the referendum campaign, I said I want my country back. What I'm saying today is I want my life back, and it begins right now." 

Bishop said the character is "a gift of Parody". He also said he is delighted to be playing such a colourful character and that he is looking forward to bringing to previous unseen aspects of his life on screen.

According to the Executive Producer; Peter Holmes, this production could not feel any better as Nigel Farage has contributed hugely to the current political event in the of recent times and everybody has an opinion of him. 

More on this: BBC News

Camber Sands Death: "The need for Lifeguards are 'highly likely' at Camber Sands" says RNLI

This afternoon, RNLI has confirmed the possibility of lifeguards at the Camber Sands in the future following the incident leading to the death of five men at the beach. The men who were drowned yesterday at the beach were unaware how quickly the tide would come in.
Following this incident, a petition has been launched and signed by over 5,000 people have signed this petition calling for a lifeguard on Camber Sands Beach.

For More News: BBC One

Anti-Mugabe march to go ahead

Anti-Mugabe march to go ahead in Harare

According to the BBC News today, there seems to be a strong motive that a group of Zimbabwean opposition parties and civil society groups including “This Flag Movement” will be carrying on with the planned anti-government march tomorrow 26th August, in Harare.
The police is negotiating to call it off, however, the situation is yet to be determined, as the organisers of this demonstration are fully focused in their request for comprehensive political reforms before the forthcoming 2018 election.
It is at this time difficult to say if this intended demonstration would be positive or not.
According to Didymus Mutasa of Zimbabwe People First, “We are calling upon all the people of Zimbabwe to come out in their numbers so that we make a loud national expression."
This planned demonstration would be another of the various demonstrations against the government in recent months.

Source: BBC News

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Human brain and dehydration

Facts about the brain


It is unbelievable how the human brain functions. Through life experiences, from my opinion, I believe the human brain is not only just the control room for human beings but it is also a determinant of healthy life.  For instance,  through the composition of human brain,  there is a reasonable assumption that  the brain condition may determine the mode of a human being. In order to understand this better, I would try to explain a few things about the brain.
A human's day-to-day activity is controlled by the brain from what you say to what you do how you think or how you walk are all controlled by the brain. The Brain makes decisions for a person, it allows them feel or think, it also controls their body’s parts . Understanding the brain would enable us understand our moods. Therefore, if the brain controls our feelings, then,  it may be wise to see how the brain could determine a person's mental health; for instance someone who is depressed maybe a side effect of how the brain is being conditioned.
This fact may sound very lame, but, your brain is 73% water it takes only 2% dehydration to affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills. This simply means that dehydration can affect the homeostatic function of the internal environment. This can adversely affect the cognitive performance of human beings in skills that require psychomotor and immediate memory skills, as well as the assessment of the subjective state.
The Brain is about 2% of the body weight but uses about 20% of the body’s total energy and oxygen intake. The brain weighs about 3 pounds, 25% of the body cholesterol is based around the brain. Again, this fact makes me wonder, how could this affect the idea of cholesterol counting in meals? Not having adequate cholesterol would affect the balance level of the brain and functional skills too.

Human body and water

According to H. H. Michelle, Journal of biological chemistry 158,  “the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water this skin contains 64% water the muscles  and kidneys are 79% water and even the bones are watery:  31%”.
therefore to  survive, humans must consume a certain amount of water. But this  varies according to age, gender and sometimes where the person lives; as some places are hotter than others.  For instance,  a female adult needs about 2.2 liters of water a day  and a male adult needs about 3 liters a day. So  it is important that when being active for example in use of gym or exercising we must ensure to drink water. Hydration is one of the most important of the brain. Slight dehydration is a massive disadvantage, even adverse damage to a human brain sometimes,however this may not be on a long-term basis especially if the  dehydration was caused by  minor exercise. However, when exercising, we must be careful as 90 mins of vigorous exercise may lead to excessive sweating which in that space of time may temporarily shrink the brain as much as one year of aging.

My Views

Our body is what we make of it. What you drink or eat would determine what your body produces. Treating our body fairly by managing and maintaining reasonable quantity of what goes into it would mean getting the best out of it.
Lack of attention to the body and mind may be a sign that the brain is lacking in its functional skills to a certain level. Let us keep the body watery, let us keep drinking water. A glass of water in the morning before any meal is very important.

Monday, 22 August 2016

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Avon range of beauty, fashion and home wear is yet again at it this season. The prices are affordable and have lots of free gifts in stock. Avon UK is determined at giving the best and no customer is left unsatisfied; yes Avon strives to give the best to their customers.

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Three teenage boys arrested in Croydon for the death of 19 years old Andre ADEREMI

Three days after the death of 19 year old Andre Aderemi who was found stabbed by a suspected "machete gang", three young men, all 19 years old, have been charged with his murder. The Sun exposed that the following young men have been charged with his murder; Jamall Longergan, 19, of Woodcroft Road, Thornton Heath, Fabio Cela, 19, of Fryston Avenue, Croydon and Rodney Mukasa, 19, of Greenview Avenue, Croydon.
Andre was found helpless in corners of South London streets following stabbing and paramedics rapid effort to save him was unsuccessful. 

More Facts

It is very unfortunate that Andre could not be helped; however how long would families keep going through such a painful ordeal? Knife crime in UK seems to have hit a higher level. Just in August 2016 more than five families have gone through painful lose of loved ones to knife crime. To mention a few, Lance Scott WalkerAndrew Oteng-Owusu and Leoandro “Showkey” Osemeke, all from Guardian UK